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Meeting The Needs of The Needy 

We are on a global mission to help feed the needy all across the world, one family at a time.

We aim to help as many persons, even to feed a family for a day, a little goes a long way for some that are less fortunate than others.

Kala Star Foundation “Meeting The Needs of The Needy” is a non-profit organization on a global mission to help feed the needy all across the world, one family at a time.

The organization is committed to providing food and other basic necessities to families in need in Jamaica, Ghana, Nigeria, and other parts of the world.

The organization’s primary objective is to alleviate hunger and poverty by providing nutritious meals to those who cannot afford to feed themselves or their families. They believe that by helping to meet the basic needs of individuals and families, they can help to provide a foundation for a better future.

Kala Star Foundation aims to make a difference in the lives of as many people as possible, regardless of their background, ethnicity, or religion. The organization believes that everyone deserves access to basic necessities, including food, shelter, and clothing, and they work tirelessly to ensure that those in need receive the support they require.

Kala Star Foundation recognizes that even small acts of kindness can make a significant impact on those in need. By providing a family with a meal for a day, the organization hopes to make a difference in that family’s life and provide them with the support they need to overcome their challenges.

The organization is powered by volunteers who are passionate about making a difference in the world. They work tirelessly to raise funds, collect donations, and organize events to support the organization’s mission. Kala Star Foundation is a beacon of hope for those facing hunger and poverty, and the organization’s work is making a tangible difference in the lives of families across the world.

Kala Star Foundation


  • Get involved in your community.. .. there is no community without the people
  • Get involved in the change of someone’s behavior and implementation of skill alternative
  • Get involved with the individual project– One family at a time
  • Get involved with Youth Development- supporting skills and discouraging crime
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